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Unisex Back Adjustable Shoulder & Spine Straightener

Unisex Back Adjustable Shoulder & Spine Straightener

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  • Brace for better posture - Posture Corrector has been designed orthopedically to take care of poor posture and ease problems like back pain, stiffness, shoulder pain, etc. caused due to long sitting hours and poor posture. This posture corrector belt is especially helpful for people with desk jobs and those having slouched postures and muscle sprains.
  • Comfortable body posture corrector- Its sleek design makes it the perfect posture corrector for men and women as you can easily wear it on top of your clothing. Its breathable and anti-sweat material makes it the perfect posture corrector for summer times. It also helps with faster recovery post any accident or injury. So, whether you are a housewife or office worker, this effectively helps in relieving shoulder pressure to help you achieve better posture.
  • Material and Care Instructions- This Posture Corrector Belt is made with a blend of top-quality PU Foam and Polyester Fabric, thus giving it a lightweight yet comfortable feel. Wipe it with a damp cloth to clean it, and don't fold it while storing
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