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Push up Bra Shopping Guide | Know Everything About Push up Bras


    A bra is the most important piece of women’s garment. It not only protect and support the breast tissues but also make us feel better in our dress. Considering its importance and women’s desire to be trendy and fashionable the manufacturers came up with many different types and styles of Bras. One such bra type is Push-up Bra.

    What is Push up Bra?

    Push up bra is like any other bra except the cup that has specially designed contoured foam padding. The purpose of these foam paddings is to push the breasts upward and hold it there. The size and density of the foam determine the actual bust lift & cleavage. 

    Difference Between Push up & Regular Bra

    As I mentioned earlier all bras are made to perform one basic thing that is to protect and cover the breasts.  With the passage of time, designs of ladies undergarments evolve to provide better support, comfort, and shape. Not to forget, some design enhancements are just for aesthetic’s sake even with or without them the bra will work fine.

    Push up Bra Padded Bra Non Padded Bra
    Foam Padding At the bottom All over No padding
    Breast Lift Yes Slight Lift No
    Enhance Cleavage Yes Little-bit No
    Breast Support Yes Yes Yes
    Comfort* Yes Yes Yes
    Increase Bust Size Yes Yes No
    Wear All Day Long** No No Yes

    What Size Push up Bra Should You Buy?

    Bra sizes are confusing for most of the women and often purchase the wrong bra size. Wearing the wrong bra size doesn’t provide the support and comfort you’re expecting. So before buying any bra you must measure yourself and note the size you should buy and you can check our website about how to measure bra size .

    What are the Benefits of Push up Bra?

    There is an ongoing debate on whether the Push-up bras are good or bad for the body. Where-ever the debate ends women are going crazy about them and the demand is spiking. The reason behind this is the diverse benefits that women can achieve with push up bra. Here’s a list of some popular benefits of wearing push up bra
    Enhance Appearance: Push up bra gives your bust a nice firm uplifted rounded look which defines the symmetry and enhances appearance.
    Boost Confidence: Human beings are sensitive to their appearances and women get depressed easily if they have some natural deficiencies like Skin color, Hair, Breast size and many others. Although there is no shame in that, it’s our instinct to get sensitive about these issues. Small, wide-apart, sagging breasts can hamper the self-esteem and lower the confidence but with the use of push up bra one can easily overcome these problems.
    Provide Comfort: Comfort is the next best thing that you can get from push up bra. Large/sagging breasts can often time cause discomfort, back & neck pain that can be reduced with the Level 1/2 push bra. They provide extra support and lift the breasts hold them in the position that relieves pain & discomfort.

    Who should Wear Push up Bra?

    Push up bras can be worn by any woman who wants to improve the shape and fuller look. It doesn’t matter if you have a small or large bust you can wear push up bras. But it’s greatly appreciated in certain situations where
    Wide-apart Breasts: It works great in this situation and pushes breasts inward reduces the gap in between and creates a nice cleavage.
    Small Bust:  Push up bra can increase the cup size and it’s ideal for small-breasted women.
    Large Bust: Women with large breasts finding it difficult to manage the weight of breasts that need extra support. Level 1 push up bra is the best choice in this situation. It provides a lift with great support. **Be careful not all push up bras are recommended in this case.
    Sagging Breasts: Breasts can droop, lose its perky form and shape with the age. The right-sized push-up bra can support, lift and enhance the shape.
    Push up Bra Buying Tips
    Familiarize yourself with different push-up bra types
    Understand your needs
    Know your size
    Consider your dress
    Besides the misconceptions about pushup bras, they are becoming more popular and getting the attention of women of all ages. Push up bra is a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe; whether you’re looking for a natural lift or even add an extra cup size, it has it all. What do you think about push-up bras and how do you like them, please leave them in comments.